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Hello and Happy 2016!

What a wonderful year 2015 was! I’ve been taking the bioidentical hormones for over a year and a half now…feeling great! 2015 was a whirwind. We have 2 new grandchildren, my interior design business has never been better, and my days fly by feeling balanced and happy.

One special event last October was getting to go Germany. We were going to be gone for 10 days and I was starting to get my packing list together. We had a wonderful coordinator and I learned some important travel tips that I didn’t know.

Biggest tip!

Did you know that you can’t just put all your prescriptions in those cute little pill boxes? I did not know that when flying internationally, it’s important to take your hormones or any other medication in the original prescription bottles.

When going through customs, they need to be able to see the content, your name, and the prescription number. Who knew! I was so glad to learn this, as I was not leaving my bioidentical hormones at home, and certainly didn’t want my cute little pill box to be tossed in the trash before I even left!

We had a wonderful trip..and I didn’t miss a day of being balanced, well rested, and happy to be there! Thank you Dr. Sinda!

Have a wonderful February!


Susie Ries, Patient at Innovative Directions in Health

If you have questions about taking your prescriptions and supplements with you on a trip, contact Innovative Directions in Health or your pharmacy. There may be other accommodations for medications that need to be refrigerated or stored at a certain temperature or taken in a different way.