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Bioidentical Hormones, a former FDA panelist viewpoint.

Bioidentical Hormones, a former FDA panelist viewpoint.

Why is Prevention not the natural “first line of defense” when it comes to disease?

This clip contemplates that question. There is an overwhelming need for value in medicine. Whether the private sector or a larger scope such as Government concerns itself with it, there is no question that costs are made costlier for healthcare when truth and intention is not straightforward, and when the already complicated is made infinitely complex and vague; instead of simplified as it can be.

There are abundant Medical Studies devoted to finding the cause of cancer and the prevention of it as well. This EPK demonstrates one particular view of one Doctor who is sharing the knowledge that is already out there. His book is on the Prevention of breast cancer, made simple. Bioidentical Hormones is one way women can help prevent breast cancer.

Like the knowledge of trans-fat began saving perhaps millions from premature heart failure and other ailments when first made public knowledge by none other than a Lawyer; maybe one day the general public will be as wise on avoiding cancer – because the answers are out there; one hopes this time learning it from a Doctor instead. Dr. Khalid Mahmud helps explain in his book how to avoid Breast Cancer, though one can’t help but derive – that other cancer risks may also be reduced by elements he writes of in his book “Keeping aBreast: Ways to Prevent Breast Cancer”.

Dr. Khalid Mahmud is Quadruple board certification in the fields of Anti-Aging Medicine, Internal Medicine, Hematology, and Oncology. He has been an FDA panelist as well on devices and radiological health. Suzanne Somers devotes a chapter on him in her book “Breakthrough”.

Dr. Mahmud is arguably the most credited Doctor that is outspoken on Bio-identical Hormones; this perhaps is because of his knowledge on the factors that cause breast cancer, using it to prevent it instead.

The doctor is all for a cure but is baffled on why science in it’s infinite wisdom doesn’t know how to teach prevention. Prevention is a way for any one person to take charge and eliminate a need for a cure, because that is when the problems for all involved, really begin. Run for the prevention; and one may avoid the need to run for when it’s too late.

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