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Understanding Hormones

What are hormones?

Hormones are basically chemicals that carry message from your glands to the cells of tissues and organs in your body. They are also responsible for achieving a state of balance or stability in your body by maintaining proper chemical levels in your bloodstream. The brain creates a signal that causes hormones to be secreted into the bloodstream by the glands that produce and store them. These glands make up what is known as the endocrine system.

There are over 30 different hormones that your body produces, and they influence the function of the immune system, and even alter behavior. Before you are born, they guide development of your brain as well as your reproductive system.

What role do hormones play in your body?

Many people associate human growth hormone and DHEA with the aging process, but estrogen, progesterone and testosterone play a major role as well. If the delicate balance of any one of these is disrupted or destroyed, it can take a serious toll on your body…and worst of all, it can mistakenly be attributed as a normal part of aging!




DHEA (Dehydrepiandrosterone)

Why do hormone levels decrease as you age?

What are the symptoms of a hormone imbalance?

Synthetic versus BioIdentical Hormones

Why don’t doctors prescribe hormone therapy?

Restoring a proper hormone balance

It’s All About Balance


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