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Healthy Aging For Men

The signs of aging show up in men in many different ways. Some men go gray or even stark white, some lose their hair, many put on a paunch in the middle, faces can sag, eyelids get droopy … and hair falls out where you want it to grow, and it grows in places it really shouldn’t! (Ears, nose, back, front and back of neck).

But along with these annoying signs of aging that drive you a bit crazy, are much more serious issues that you shouldn’t ignore… including stroke, diabetes, and heart disease.

Creating a lifestyle or making changes to reduce your chances of developing one of those life-threatening issues should be an important part of your plan.

Is Low Testosterone your problem?

Testosterone is often called ‘the man’s hormone,’ even though it plays an important role for women as well. In men, testosterone is mostly produced in the testicles and is responsible for stimulating sperm production and sex drive, as well as building muscles and bone mass. As men age, testosterone production decreases, causing a range of symptoms and complications. Signs of low testosterone (low T) are often mistaken as just a part of aging….and often times neglected!


Most of your bodily functions are controlled by hormones

Most of the repairs being made by your body are controlled and regulated by hormones, which are natural chemicals produced by different organs and glands in your body. And they usually work in teams of two, as one “turns on” the switch, the other “turns it off.”

As you age, your body’s hormone levels start to diminish

To put it bluntly, aging is not supposed to be good for you! Aging is a pre-programmed process to get us out of the picture, and the reduction of hormones is one of those processes. Your production of essential hormones starts to diminish as early as the age 25, and by 80 you could lose up to 50%-80% of your hormone levels.

By the age of 50 you’ve had over 25 years of hormone deficiencies

Restoring your hormone balance just may be the answer

Hormone balance is a critical factor for a man’s health. The same hormones that keep you healthy and growing in your earlier years can be the cause of problems as you get older. Men with a healthy hormone balance tend to enjoy healthier and a higher quality of life…free of many of the major diseases like stroke, thyroid problems and heart disease.

But men with long-term hormone imbalances have to endure many of the symptoms we mentioned early, including weight gain, fatigue, poor libido, memory loss and a host of others symptoms.

Your Next Step

Before you choose any type of preventive aging or hormone replacement therapy you should educate yourself so you can make the best decision possible for your health and your future.