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7550 France Ave S. Suite 215, Edina, MN 55435

Birthdays Birthdays Birthdays! They just keep coming!

Yes…they keep coming and I just had a big one. 60!
For some reason, I just don’t think I am 60. Don’t we all think we are 30?

I remember so vividly being at Innovative Directions in Health’s open house last year, and a BEAUTIFUL lady came up to me to chat. Immediately, I was assessing her age (we all do it!) and guessed maybe young 50’s. I thought…wow..this lady is gorgeous with beautiful skin and hair, clear bright eyes (always a sign of good health!), and an overall a delightful happy person. I was wondering what supplements, facials or tricks she has for looking so great, so I asked! Well…she brightly lit up and said…I have been taking Bioidentical hormones for 18 years…and I am 65. I simply couldn’t believe it! All I could say was…no way no way are you 65! With that delightful news, I was so happy I was well on my way to looking like her since I was on the same plan.

I have been taking the bioidentical hormones for over a year and half. My energy is amazing, my eyes are clear, my skin and hair is healthy and strong, and that makes me a happy person. In fact..turning 60 was kind of fun!

What a gift I have been given by Dr. Sinda and staff. My goal is that when I turn 65, someone says…NO way NO way! Yay!!!

Susie Ries

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