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Hormones and Your Health Podcast with Dr. Sinda

Hormones and Your Health Podcast with Dr. Sinda

Brought to you by Green Tea Conversations radio show on AM 950.

Host and publisher of the Twin Cities edition of “Natural Awakenings” magazine, Candi Broeffle brings local experts who share progressive ideas to help people lead their best life.

Dr. Rich Sinda was invited as a guest on the show to explain what happens to our bodies and in particular, our hormones, as we age. Listen as they discuss thyroid disorders, peri-menopause and menopause in women and hormone imbalances in men. 

Learn about the different hormone levels Dr. Sinda uses to test, the benefits of bio-identical hormones and why so many are told their levels are “in the normal range”. 

Consultations to learn more about bio-identical hormone therapy with Dr. Sinda at Innovative Directions in Health are available by calling (952)922-2345.  

Why My Technique is Different

Why My Technique is Different

The aging face experiences volume loss, we look tired, cranky and feel like our faces have dropped. Looking in the mirror becomes an unpleasant experience. I hear patients all the time say: “I didn’t used to look like this, people always ask me if I am tired!”

The combination of sun exposure, genetics, gravity and aging leads to the loss of fat, collagen, muscle and bone. Returning volume to the face can make us look refreshed and less tired, without looking like we’ve had something “done”.

My injection technique differs from many other cosmetic injectors. I prefer to use a blunt cannula when injecting volumizing fillers such as Bellafill and some Hyaluronic Acid fillers. A blunt cannula is a technique using a blunt, rounded, needle instead of a sharp needle to inject. The filler is still placed in the same locations; however, a blunt cannula is used to reach the areas needed to be treated.

What is the advantage of using a blunt cannula?

  • One insertion point treats multiple areas which to the patient equals less needle pokes for a more comfortable procedure.
  • Safety is increased – cannulas don’t enter blood vessels as easily as a sharp needle. Bruising and swelling is decreased by over 90%.
  • Areas around the eyes and around the lips that are known for bruising or swelling are able to be injected without any visible signs.
  • Most people have less healing time and are more comfortable during the procedure.

So why don’t all Injectors use a blunt cannula? Most Injectors are not trained on the technique or lack experience to be able to handle a cannula in their treatments. Cannulas are also much more expensive than the needle that comes packaged with the syringe of filler.

My injection technique using the blunt cannula allows my patients to come in for injection and have a good chance leaving without any signs of the injection. Injectables, like medicine are a combination of art and science. The science is in the product and how it will respond in where it is placed. The art is in the skill and talent of your artist, the injector.

I love being able to use my art degree daily in the work I love, sculpting faces. I enjoy showing clients my before and after pictures and talking about how fillers could help refresh a face. Reach out to me if you are interested in a consultation.

Jill Porter, RN @ Innovative Directions in Health in Edina, MN

My Acne Story: How the scarring has affected me and treatment has changed my life.

My Acne Story: How the scarring has affected me and treatment has changed my life.

We all have something to feel self-conscious about. Sometimes we are the only one who notices that “one thing”.  But, when that one thing is on your face and you look at it every day it is hard to be your best self, knowing people you meet notice it too. I not only experienced painful breakouts that spoiled my once beautiful, porcelain skin, but the acne scars and pock marked skin that remained due to the loss of collagen made me less confident and embarrassed to show my face. Another thing that is happening to my face with aging and gravity is that I am losing even more of my youthful collagen. I now feel the scars on my face are even more noticeable than ever! 

I have spent so much money up to this point trying to “fix” my face that I really couldn’t afford to spend much more. In addition, I put my trust in so many medical practitioner’s promises to make my pock-marked, scarred skin smooth again only to be disappointed time after time with the lack of results. 

I heard about Jill from Innovative Directions In Health and that she was a pro at treating acne scarring so I called for an appointment. I was at my wits end and this was my final attempt to try to smooth the scarring – my fingers were crossed this would work. I met with Jill for a consultation. Her calm and confident demeanor made me believe this treatment just might be the one that will help me. She recommended subcising my scarring to free the anchor of the scars followed by injecting a filler called Bellafill. The Bellafill would be placed into the divits to stimulate my own collagen that will fill in and smooth my skin. I had already tried everything under the sun to make my skin look smooth again so I was a bit skeptical but went forward with the treatment.

With each scar she released by the needle subcision, it felt like a lifetime of embarrassment and shame broke with it. Jill applied a topical numbing cream and the Bellafill had lidocaine mixed in it so there was no pain. She diligently worked on my skin for 2 hours. When it was time for me to look in the mirror, I told her I would rather not. Hesitantly, I finally looked and was surprised at the instant smoothing of my rough skin. It was hard to hold back tears – it’s working!

Jill and I created a treatment plan to begin once the collagen from the Bellafill filler has grown in. The new collagen that has been stimulated to fill my poc marks can continue to grow for up to a year. My initial results that I have been so pleased with will keep on getting even better. For once, I have peace of mind and hope that I will regain my confidence and be able to put my best face forward.  

Here are some pictures of my results! Note: We have not injected the lower half of my face yet! I will continue to share my journey with you. More to come!