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After two years of insomnia, I found Dr. Sinda’s clinic. I was terribly exhausted and was searching for a way to treat my symptoms without the use of harmful sleeping pills. Not only did Dr. Sinda explain in-depth the reason for the sleep difficulty, he also explained the delicate balance bio-identical hormones can play in improving overall health without damaging overall well-being. Also to note, visits at Innovative Directions in Health are a true joy, where I never feel I’m fixing something that’s broken. Instead, a visit here feels like I’m ensuring a positive, high quality of life with people truly invested in my future.


Dr. Sinda has been a blessing to my health!


Finally someone who understands how to address out of balance hormones in a healthy all natural way! My 5 year search is over and I feel great since Innovative Directions in Health came into my life and helped me understand what was actually happening and then gave me the solution so I could sleep, think straight and have energy again. Thank you Dr. Sinda and the IDIN staff!


I had my ovaries and uterus removed at age 28. I am 52 years old now. Ever since my surgery, I have gained weight, felt so lethargic and foggy headed, my hair kept falling out in handfuls, my hands and feet were always cold, and I had no libido… in other words, I was feeling miserable and helpless. For the last 24 years I have been going to physicians to see if they could alleviate my symptoms but no one was ever willing to put forth the effort. Innovative Directions in Health was my last try. Thank goodness I called and made an appointment!!! I am feeling like a whole new person, the person I want to be. All of my symptoms have gone away… I mean all my symptoms. I am losing weight and feeling great!!!

M. S. (Age 52)

I had uterine cancer in 2007 and had my overies removed. After trying different doctors and treatments I have finally found the answer for me. Dr. Sinda is an amazing caring person who really is in it for the health of the patient and not the dollars. It is refreshing to be cared for by a true professional!


I have a degree in Physical Education with a Health Education minor, Registered Nurse, Group Exercise Instructor of 30 years, Certified in Muscle Activation Technique and Certified as a Yoga Instructor. I mention this only because I am passionate about fitness as preventative medicine. I love the energy I feel as a result of staying fit. I enjoy helping others in this area as well. Unfortunately my energy took a dive. When I first arrived at Innovative Directions in health, I remember telling the late Dr. Mahmud that I felt like the walking dead. I had gained 40 lbs in a year, had the lowest energy I had ever experienced, wasn’t sleeping well, had hot flashes and night sweats. I felt so old, sluggish and had brain fog. i was depressed and very frustrated with my weight gain. This was just not me.
An 8 vial blood draw revealed at least 8 extremely low levels of hormones including some adrenal stress. Dr. Mahmud started me on bio-identical hormone replacement, a number of supplements and told me to eat clean and exercise. By the end of the first week I had more energy and hope! I continued with the program. It took me about 2 1/2-3 years to get the weight off and get my hormones balanced. My only regret is that I wish I had started sooner! I am now at the fitness level that I enjoy. At first I had appointments every 3 months which allowed the Dr. to tweak my regimen as needed. Once my labs were acceptable the appointments are every 6 months. I really appreciate the attention to detail that I have experienced with the staff. I can’t thank the late Dr. Mahmud enough and the smooth transition to Dr. Sinda. Dr. Sinda is so personable, really listens and is so sharp in pursuing this cutting edge care! At my last appointment I told Dr. Sinda that on my best days I often feel like I’m 35 and I am 54 years old. I am so grateful for the expertise and care at Innovative Directions in Health. Thank you!

Steph N.

I have seen Dr Sinda for over 3 years and not only is he the best in the business; he and the high caliber staff really really care about their clients and produce results. They know how to fix you, period. I live and work in Thailand and my first stop after I land is IDH, no lie…then the dentist! Thanks guys.


I just love Dr. Sinda, Lisa, Sara, and the whole staff. I have never felt so cared about by a doctor and clinic staff in my 57 years. I am being treated for menopausal systems and am so grateful for their services. By the time I came to Innovative Directions in Health, I was desperate emotionally and physically, feeling pretty hopeless. The constant hot flashes and lack of sleep wore me out so much that I could hardly face getting out of bed. I could not tolerate the estrogen I was prescribed by a specialist at my regular health clinic, in my family physician’s network. I had to quit taking it. It made me so crazy, moody, and rageful, I was afraid I was going to lose my job. I highly recommend Dr. Sinda and Innovative Directions in Health to anyone struggling with menopause.


I love Innovative Directions in Health. They gave me my life back and I feel wonderful now. The doctor and staff are all so kind and understanding. I’m so glad they have a clinic that understands the hormonal needs of men and women that help you in a natural way. I don’t know what I would have done without them.


I may have entered the office kicking and screaming but it is the best thing that could have ever happened at that point in my life. I would strongly recommend Innovative Directions in Health! Thank you very much. My overall sense of well-being is remarkable. I feel you have established an important base plan for me to help keep my health at an optimum level for the rest of my life. I am so grateful for you and your organization and the vision you have for helping people achieve their maximum health potential.


I started having hot flashes and came to IDIH after reading some of Suzanne Somers books. She recommends the doctors there. My raging hot flashes disappeared after my FIRST dose of hormones. A year later, I decided that it would be simpler to see my usual OBGYN for HRT. He didn’t do any blood tests, stating that they were unnecessary. He prescribed much higher doses of all the hormones, and did not use bioidenticals. I grew facial hair, had serious acne, and my hot flashes returned. I went back to see Dr. Sinda at IDIH and he got me on track with the right dosages. All the side effects disappeared. I believe Dr. Sinda is an expert in the anti-aging field. Also, Lisa the receptionist has always been very proactive about calling me when there is a cancellation, so that I can get in quickly.


I started seeing Dr. Mahmud back in summer of 2011 after reading Suzanne Somers book. After struggling with an autoimmune condition Dr. Mahmud started me on a protocol that included hormone balancing. This also started me on a journey to become aware of my own health. After moving out of the state and seeing other doctors that were not as helpful I determined I would fly home to meet with Dr. Sinda as often as needed. The staff is great and I try to send anyone I can to them. Thank you!!!


I thought the process / experience was good. I wanted to get a read on my blood work to make sure there wasn’t anything wrong with my testosterone level and with my Thyroid. We found good results and came up with a plan to take certain supplements to get / keep my levels just a little higher.

John P.

I visited Dr. Sinda for low energy, inability to fall asleep and anxiety. I have tried several prescription pills with some success but usually I plateau and have trouble removing them from my daily routine. In search for a more holistic solution I visited Dr. Sinda and wanted to take a few blood tests which showed I was deficient in B5, Zinc, and magnesium as well as other parts such as my thyroid were not in optimal working condition. It was recommended that I take some particular vitamins that did not require a prescription but these were not your normal over the counter vitamins because they worked great. Within 2 days of taking the vitamins my energy increased and I have not taken my sleeping pills in over 3 weeks. My anxiety has disappeared too. I didn’t feel pressured by any sales gimmicks and I would recommend Innovative Directions in Health to everyone.


If I had only known about Innovative Directions in Health when I was in my 40’s. I am sure that I would not have gained the weight I did when I turned 50. On top of that to think that I used to live with hot flashes, mood swings, night sweats, lack of sleep, because I was adamant about not going on pharmaceuticals when all along there was a natural proven way. My only regret – not doing it when I was younger.

Brenda C.

If you have a thyroid problem, this is the place to go! Dr. Sinda is the first doctor who actually LISTENED to me, AND did a FULL THYROID PANEL!!! He discovered what I have known all along…even though my TSH levels were normal, I had other hormones that were out of whack, which were causing my thyroid symptoms to linger. If you are on Synthroid or Levothyroxin, and you feel that medication is just not doing it, come see Dr. Sinda. He’ll fix you right up!

L. H.

In January, 2003, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and all hormone medications were taken away. A few months later a friend from work suggested to go to Innovative Directions in Health. I did and have been on bio-identical hormones ever since. They completely keep me hormonally balanced. I feel like I am in my 50’s mentally, emotionally and physically and enjoy being in a wonderful relationship. Women need to be hormonally balanced ALL their life, not just until age 65. I am in my 70’s and I plan on taking bio-identical hormones for as long as I live to prove that they are also an anti-aging solution which helps you look good and stay in very good health.


Innovative Directions in Health has provided superior care over the 9 years I have been seeing the staff at the clinic. As a pharmacist, I recommend the clinic to patients, family, and friends. The direction in care is a conservative natural approach to healthy hormone balance. Hormone balance may be one of the most important factors in healthy aging. The conservative approach is critical as well. If you are considering a clinic to assist and direct you in a healthy and active life as aging occurs, visit this clinic.

Guy Stillwell, Pharmacist

It has been a positive experience for me. Very reassuring to know I can call with questions. Thank you very much for being so helpful! I really enjoyed meeting Dr. Sinda. He listened very well, was interested in helping me and answering my questions. He is helping me. Thank you. He has given me some renewed hope.

R. H.

I’ve had hormone problems for much of my life. I finally had a hormone panel done (at my expense because regular doctors do not think it important) and that is likely the bottom of my health issues. Getting the bio-identical hormones is really making a difference and I sleep and feel better!


Just wondering why I waited so long for such great relief. This has been a truly amazing and life changing decision.


Let me say, at 61 and I am constantly mistaken for being 10 – 15 years younger. That alone is a testament to a proactive anti aging approach to my life. I started my journey reading Suzanne Somers​ book AGELESS and spent 2 years with another doctor. Something was off and couldn’t put my finger on it. Then in 2008 I read Somers book BREAKTHROUGH where she interviewed Dr. Mahmud. I made an appointment with Dr. Mahmud and he was the best thing that ever happened to me. And now with Dr. Sinda, my fabulousness continues!


The care and advise I have received from Dr. Sinda, Sarah, Jill and Lisa has been top notch. When I had a question or concern I recieved a quick response to my emails and calls. Dr. Sinda is a great listener and made me feel like I mattered. My situation was not typical as I was diagnosed with chronic Lymes which made balancing my hormones much more difficult. Dr. Sinda and his staff hung in there with me. I have a lot of appreciation for IDIN, they have been a key player in helping me take steps toward a healthier life.


This is real medicine. I am a breast cancer survivor for 6 years, and the post-treatment meds my oncologist put me on took all the estrogen out of my system, which caused me to have terrible vaginal dryness, hot flashes, etc. On the recommendation of a friend I went to see Dr. Mahmud, who explained to me that all women need some small level of natural, bio-identical estrogen and other hormones in their system; not having them can be as bad as elevated levels. He put me on some bio-identical hormones as well as cancer-preventing supplements, which made a huge difference in how I felt. Subsequently, Dr. Mahmud put me on a regimen that has significantly reduced my cholesterol levels, and now Dr. Sinda has helped me with the migraine headaches I had been experiencing intermittently since young adulthood; I haven’t had any migraines for the six months since I started taking the supplements that he prescribed. And he has just recommended that a tiny amount of testosterone and more DHEA in my system will not only bring me up to minimum requirements for women, but might also help me lose the stomach weight I just can’t seem to get rid of. My oncologist recently just about kicked me out of his office, saying he had to take care of sick people and didn’t need to see me anymore. I feel great, and I owe much of it to the terrific help I’ve received at Innovative Directions in Health.


This is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. Dr. Sinda and his staff are the BEST! My hot flashes are all but gone (I was running my air at 66 degrees day and night!). My sleep has dramatically improved with hormone balancing. I tried everything for sleep. Ambien, gaba, melatonin, accupuncture. Nothing worked for decades. Now I’m able to sleep 6-8 hours per night.


Wow! So excited. I have been using the supplements for only a few days and my sleep is amazing. I have slept better the last three nights than I have in the last three years. Looking forward to even more benefits in the days to come. Thank you Dr. Sinda for helping me get on the right track!


Working in the health care field, I feel I can speak with authority regarding quality health care. And that is exactly what I experienced at Innovative Directions in Health.

Robert S., age 59

I have been going to Innovative Directions Health for the past 5 years. I have been so happy with my care here. Dr. Sinda is very forward thinking. I love that the care is very individualized. It is not a “one size fits all”, and it really cannot be that way. The staff feel like family, and that is a wonderful feeling. I recommend this group to everyone I see. Thank you for who you are, and what you do.


IDIH has really been a great help and benefit to my body and have been going to the clinic for over 9 years now. I never realized what a major difference it was to be on bio/hrt and how much healthier I have felt. My entire mood has been more positive and decreased PMS symptoms. I have total trust in Dr. Sinda and his years of research and expertise.The entire team is full of knowlege and the best procedures to extend your youth!

Deb B.

Turning 40…As I rounded the corner to my first annual OB-GYN appointment in my 40’s I thought carefully about discussing the changes in my hormones, the increase in PMS, exhaustion, anxiety and generally crabby feeling. My Dr. and I discussed my options but, I wasn’t interested in taking anti-depressents or birth control. I knew there was a better option so at the urging of my mother and dear friend, I made an appointment. It is such an amazing experience to sit across the desk from your doctor and speak freely about your health, while not wearing a paper gown. The initial visit to exam day, I found everyone to be warm, welcoming and really helpful. I have been following the program and feel better than I have in years! I cannot say enough about the simple changes that brought me such relief and joy! I really feel like I could run circles around my former self. Thank you IDIN Health!

Keri F.

Marsha Liss
Marsha Liss
00:52 30 Nov 21
I have been going here for years. First, with Dr Mahmud and now with Dr Sinda. I love Dr Sinda and everyone that works... here! I like the fact that Dr Sinda looks at you as a whole and treats you for thyroid, hormones and other anti aging symptoms. I feel really comfortable with Dr Sinda and the staff here. It's a very clean & friendly office!read more
Andrea Kurilla
Andrea Kurilla
19:19 18 Nov 21
I feel understood by Dr. Sinda and am excited about the treatment plan he has created. The clinic staff make you feel... right at home the moment you walk in the door!!read more
Karen Delaram
Karen Delaram
14:08 10 Nov 21
professional! great recommendations, terrific team that works together.highly recommend.
Laura Kerr
Laura Kerr
16:04 09 Nov 21
When I first started seeing Dr. Sinda I had been having awful hormonal moods, not sleeping because of night sweats,... brain fog and I just felt like some crazy woman I didn’t know.Dr. Sinda helped stop all of these symptoms by monitoring and maintaining appropriate hormonal levels.Dr. Sinda is always available if I have any questions about my health and I highly recommend his expertise in hormonal therapy.read more
Heidi Garrard
Heidi Garrard
00:08 30 Oct 21
I really appreciate that Dr.Sinda listened to my concerns, asked clarifying questions, reviewed family history and... recommended tests according. Once lab results came back he spent a lot of time reviewing them and how they relate to my current health. I am pleased with the plan we have laid out and looking forward to results! I recommend Dr. Sinda.read more
Julia Beauchaine
Julia Beauchaine
21:00 20 Oct 21
Wonderful service and I love what the LaseMD does for my skin.
Jay Plagge
Jay Plagge
13:23 23 Aug 21
I have recently started a new hormone protocol from Dr. Sinda and I am already feeling so much better.
Jill Goux The Energy Renovator
Jill Goux The Energy Renovator
23:10 13 Jul 21
Dr. Sinda is AMAZING. His knowledge and wisdom helped change my life. I'm sleeping better, no more hot flashes and I... feel great. I highly recommend him, if you are 'at that age'.Get your hormone levels tested and find out how easy it is to balance them out. I'm referring Dr. Sinda to all of my friends and they are experiencing positive shifts too. Set up an appointment today!read more
Amy Nelipovich
Amy Nelipovich
15:05 09 Jul 21
Dr. Sinda and his team are amazing. I have been seeing him since he has been there. I have recommeneded him to... multiplepeople and the response is always the same - Thank you Thank you. Dr Sinda actually treats the problem. I feel great, energetic, brain fog and night sweats gone forever. My weight is right where I want it to be. It is hormones, and there is no reason anyone should suffer with an imbalance when you can make it right and feel amazing the rest of your life. Every woman should see him and learn about your body, bio identical hormones and how you can balance it all out so you can feel yourself again.read more
Cara Geist
Cara Geist
13:47 09 Jul 21
Dr. Sinda and his staff are one of the best finds in my health history. Not only are the courteous and kind, they... really listen!Dr. Sinda partners with his patients to create a plan of care designed to help their bodies function at their best, no matter what conditions they may have. He is patient, factual and practical AND an excellent communicator!I am aware that this type of medicine is typically paid for out of pocket, but Dr. Sinda is more reasonable than most, and doesn't push unnecessary and untested therapies and supplements on his patients.His support staff ( Jill, his nurse and Lisa, his care coordinator) are amazing in their own right, never losing sight on what is best for their patients. They are generous and knowledgeable guides in the world of alternative care.I have recommended- and will continue to recommend, wherever appropriate, this team of caring, responsible professionals!read more
Beth McDonough
Beth McDonough
20:20 19 Apr 21
Dr. Sinda has significantly improved how I feel on a day to day basis by pinpointing deficiencies and putting me on... bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. He's very thorough and persistent...and bonus: he's a really cool physician. Lisa and Jill, the nurses and real bosses of the office, are simply great....personable, professional and efficient. Jill's expertise with the laser took years off my face....I've sent several friends there....read more
B. Krueger
B. Krueger
19:21 10 Apr 21
Lisa & Jill are very professional, courteous, kind & most helpful. In fact, I would say they have become close &... trusted friends! Their communication skills, help with savings and personal trust can't be measured this high elsewhere!read more
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