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Facial LipoSculpture: Before and After


“The Lipsosculpture procedure has manifested my “true” natural beauty that was intended for me.  And it is with confidence that, anyone who is thinking about whether to make this “needed” investment in yourself, I encourage you to “Choose to take the Chance, and make the Change”.  Within 10 weeks time, you will want to share your beautiful “naturally” renewed smile that’s been hiding for so long with everyone. It was the best Tax Refund $ I have ever spent!”   – B.M. 

“I was a little leery of having any type of injections done to my face, but now after doing it I am extremely happy. My eyes are brighter and my smile looks younger. Everyone thinks I look 20 years younger.” – – L.B.

“One of the nice surprises is that I could fee my neck again. I see a lot more definition in my face and get a lot of compliments, A LOT of comments from people.” – – C.M.

“I had LipoSculpture to my chin and jowls at Innovative Directions In Health. In 8 weeks it eliminated my growing double chin and amazingly rediscovered my jaw line. It was a relatively painless procedure that gave me a boost of self confidence in my appearance. Being in the sales industry, my improved look gave me the extra self assurance I needed to just ‘go for it’! The results much outweigh the minimal downtime and cost of the procedure. – – B.B.

“LipoSculpture at Innovative Directions In Health was my 65th birthday present to myself. Because I seldom spend time in the sun, I did not have the wrinkles many people in their 60s have but the sagging jowls gave away my age. Every time I looked in the mirror that was all I could see. Now I feel younger and look younger. Most people who do not know me guess me at about 10 and even 15 years younger than I am. I love the results. At about 1/10th the cost and at least 1/10th the healing time, I am thrilled to look in the mirror now.” – – D.M.