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Chocolate Raspberry flavored BioIdentical Progesterone sounds like more of a treat than a treatment.

A BIG advantage of compounding is the ability to customize medication. What’s the easiest way to customize? Flavor!

Compounding pharmacists have access to many flavors and flavor combinations which can enhance the taste a medication to make it easier to swallow or dissolve.

Take for example, Bio-Identical Progesterone Triturates or Troches. They come in a wonderful variety of flavors from the pharmacies we use most:

Bloomington Drug & Gift:

  • Progesterone Triturate:  Mint or unflavored
  • Progesterone Troche:  Mint, Orange or Cherry

Moudrys Rx-Compounding Pharmacy

  • Progesterone Triturate:  Tangerine-Marshmallow (tastes like a Dreamsicle)
  • Progesterone Troche:  Mint or Chocolate Raspberry

Rx Artisans Compounding Pharmacy

  • Progesterone Triturate: Peppermint, Tangerine or Tea-Berry
  • Progesterone Troche:  Tangerine-Marshmallow

Falcon Compounding:

  • Progesterone Triturate: Vanilla-Butternut-Orange flavor
  • Progesterone Troches: Orange-Dreamsicle or Raspberry

If the flavors listed aren’t your favorite or you have an allergy, contact your pharmacy. They will work with the ingredients to best suit your needs and make your bio-identical hormone replacement experience the best possible!

What flavor is your favorite? Tell us on our Innovative Directions in Health Facebook page.