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IDH Blood Drive

Life Saving Blood!  The need is constant and gratification is instant SO join us to Give blood!

Tuesday, October 2 | 8:30 – 2:30pm

REGISTER ONLINE  (sponsor code = CBBIDH) or contact Lisa at (952)922-2345 /

In just about an hour, you could turn an ordinary day into an extraordinary gift for a patient in need by donating blood.

Join us for our 10th Red Cross Blood Drive. Stop by afterwards for 10% off your entire purchase of supplements or skincare products.

The blood drive is located in our building, the Edina Business Plaza on France Avenue in Edina.  This event is open to everyone – patients, family members, friends! 

First time blood donors? Check the American Red Cross to know the entire procedure of donating blood. And you can pass this message on and motivate others too.


Published on: 09-14-2018