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Game Changing Laser Treatment

"I get compliments about my skin all of the time!"

Just a quick update on how our new cosmetic procedures are going - INFINI and LaseMD. We are so excited with the results from these two treatments. I am receiving phone calls and emails from patients who are saying they are getting compliments about their skin all the time!

Our skin tightening procedure called “INFINI” was featured on Kathy Lee and Hoda. Kathy Lee had a live treatment done to tighten her neck and her results were amazing and some tightening was seen instantly! (watch video) INFINI is a radio-frequency micro-needling treatment that basically heats up the tissue in the dermis. The dermis is the 2nd layer of skin that contains collagen and is the supporting structure of our skin. The energy encourages collagen re-growth and tissue tightening exactly at the depth needed in the skin. This procedure is done on the face and neck to tighten, lessen small deposits of fat (jowls) and reduce wrinkles.

The second procedure is called LaseMD. This brand new laser is new the market and revitalizes skin. The FDA-approved therapy uses heat, not needles, to treat skin concerns including age spots, freckles, mild to moderate sun damage and scaly patches known as Actinic Keratosis. LaseMD is a game changer in the laser industry as there is no downtime. You’ll have 1-2 days of pink sunburned looking skin – no flaking, scabbing, redness or bleeding. The laser is delivered in tiny micro beams which delivers heat below the skin just enough, without cutting it or causing it to bleed or blister. Then as the body heals, the micro-damaged skin sloughs off, revealing fresh skin. LaseMD can be used on the whole face, neck or chest or other larger body areas. LaseMD works on all skin types. Typically, 2-3 sessions are needed to get the desired results. Patients love the quick results – dewy and fresh skin. 

I often perform these two procedures together. It provides the best skin remodeling from both the inside and out. I can target the dermis and the epidermis to stimulate collagen deeper in the skin while refreshing the outside of the skin. It is the perfect combination of treatments that I have been waiting so long to find. The treatments can be done alone as well. I was recently just blown away by the results of a patient who just had a LaseMD treatment. Her skin went from a rough texture to baby soft and her skin-tone really evened out after just 1 treatment. Her before and after pictures are below. She was thrilled with her results!

I am happy to sit down and have a chat about treatment options. My consultations are always complimentary. Feel free to schedule an appointment with me or chat with me the next time you are in to see Dr. Sinda or while I am drawing your hormone levels. I can be reached at (952)922-2345. 

Jill, RN @ Innovative Directions in Health

Published on: 05-31-2018