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New Skin Tightening Treatment with Infini

We are so excited to share some wonderful news with you. For over two years Jill, Lisa and Sarah have searched and explored the medical device world to find the perfect machine to tighten and correct sagging jowls and necks. We have heard from you how happy you have been with the Bellafill. As we view Bellafill transformation pictures with our patients at their check in appointments we have seen a lifted and refreshed look in the upper face, especially around the eyes. But, what we keep hearing is “what about my old lady neck and hanging jowls?”

We’ve also heard that our patients want results but do not want plastic surgery or a lot of down time. After trying countless procedures on the market and seeing little or no results or embarrassing post treatment down time we are happy to announce that Innovative Directions in Health is offering the Infini treatment!

This unique and innovative procedure uses microneedling and radiofrequency to stimulate your cells and boost collagen production. It protects the top layer of the skin allowing treatments on all skin types! This treatment has countless benefits. From diminishing wrinkles and acne scars to tightening and improving the appearance of "crepey" skin and jowling, this device can benefit patients with a wide range of skin texture and laxity concerns. Treatment zones can include cheeks, upper lip, chin, jowl, jawline, neck, and decollete, to name a few. You’ll see results and tightening with just one treatment but a series of 2 – 3 treatments are recommended for full correction.

In November Jill and Lisa traveled to Santa Rosa, FL to train with a leading plastic surgeon in the field of cosmetic procedures. This physician has the most experience using Infini in the Country. We were able to witness hands on what this treatment can deliver and learn treatment best practices from the best of the best.

We are excited to announce we are now offering this treatment to patients. Call us to find out more or to schedule your treatment today!

Watch a video to see how the Infini treatment works as Kathie Lee Gifford has a neck tightening treatment on the Today Show.

Published on: 01-05-2018