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Are there any studies on BioIdentical Hormone Replacement?

Yes! We often are asked by patients for information that can be sent to their OBGYN or insurance company regarding bio-identical hormone therapy for menopause, perimenopause or PMS.

Dr. Mahmud published a study in the journal of Gynecological Endocrinology where 97% of the patientsexperienced relief of menopausal symptoms. The article is called “Natural Hormone Therapy for Menopause”. A summary of the article can be read here. If you would like to receive a copy of the full article, contact us.

Dr. Mahmud’s book, Keeping aBreast, Ways to PREVENT Breast Cancer also contains a lot of great information explaining the different hormones and how bio-identical hormone replacement plays a role in helping to prevent breast cancer. A copy of Dr. Mahmud’s book is available for purchase in our clinic.

Additional studies for women Dr. Sinda often references can be looked up via the links below: