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“I don’t want anyone to know”.

Women often tell us this when they come in for a consultation looking for a non-surgical lift. Our goal is to provide a natural looking result, not an overdone look you see quite frequently in the tabloids or on tv. We like to call it a refresher. You still look like “you” but refreshed, confident and with something different about you that your friends and family notice but can’t quite put their finger on it – just that you look good. 

We hear this story a lot actually and it is such a compliment and testament to a job well done. We recently held a Bellafill seminar. Bellafill is the newest filler on the market that lasts 5 years and grows your own collagen. The collagen structure it lays down is uniform to your own. It naturally creates volume in your dermis and stimulates circulation which improves your skin-tone. The new collagen growing changes your skin to thinking it’s younger and improves texture, pores, fine lines and wrinkles. 

Our Injector Jill Porter, injected a model during our seminar. Guests were able to watch how easy injections were and learn how and why Jill placed the Bellafill where she did. We recommend a Bellafill Kit for those looking for a natural look that will help fight gravity and help hold the face in place as we age. Placement is key with any filler, however there are areas where your dermis thins and fat pads spread apart and migrate downwards. This is where we like to create a framework with collagen for a longer lasting youthful look.

This picture of our model was taken immediately after injecting a Bellafill kit. She looks great! Stay tuned for more pictures as her collagen starts to grow and she continues to radiate youth and natural looks. 

Request a consultation with Jill, our Bellafill Injector and Certified Bellafill Trainer.