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Suzanne Somers took control of our Innovative Directions in Health Facebook page to answer questions our patients and followers had about health, beauty, staying young and bio-identical hormone therapy. We are so happy to be able to share this experience with you and thank Suzanne for sharing her wisdom. Enjoy the transcript below of the live conversation.

– Dr. Rich Sinda

Suzanne Somers: Hi Everyone! It’s a beautiful day here in Malibu! I am really looking forward to being with all of you today at Innovative Directions in Health.

1. What is the best first step anyone can take in changing their lifestyle for the better?

Suzanne Somers: The first step is to understand that we are living in a changed planet, that toxins are everywhere and that in order to survive and be healthy it will require cleaning up your whole life through detoxification and eating quality organic food. Food is the fuel of the body. The better the quality of food you feed yourself the better your health. It’s that simple.

2. How do you keep your energy up? You are like a never-aging energizer bunny!!

Suzanne Somers: Thanks…I’m healthy! I take bioidentical hormones. That is the most important change I have made in my health regimen. Don’t believe all the fear mongering out there. Those reports are usually pharmaceutically driven because if everyone were as healthy and happy as I am they (pharma companies) would go out of business. Hormones gave me back my energy, my vitality, my clear thinking, my sex drive, my happiness, my thin body. It’s all great. AND I eat organic! It’s not worth it to fill up my cleaned out body with pesticides, chemicals and worst of all; genetically modified foods. I exercise every day; usually yoga and a walk, I take the stairs whenever possible and a hike at least once a week. I exercise doing what I enjoy. I’m not a ‘gym’ girl. Never have been. Everyone is different. This is just how I choose to do it.

3. Suzanne, what types of bioidentical horomones do you take?

Suzanne Somers: It’s based on individual blood work to replace what’s been lost in the aging process. That’s the difference with BHRT when it’s prescribed by a qualified physician. It’s tailored just to YOUR needs – unlike the synthetic hormones that are “one size fits all” and do not actually replace missing hormones.

5. Is it your belief that a woman on bio-identical hormones should continue on this path for the rest of one’s life, even if 95 years old?

Innovative Directions in Health: That’s yet to be determined, but there is no compelling reason right now to rush off of them. Scientific studies (large one out of France in 2010) show no increase in Breast Cancer using bio-identical hormones. 

6. You have referenced Dr. Khalid Mahmud at Innovative Directions in Health in several of your books. How did you meet him?

Suzanne Somers: I met him through Dr. Ron Rothenberg at an anti-aging conference. I was very impressed that as an oncologist he chose to give up his lucrative position to help take care of women in a better way.

7. How do you continue to be motivated to exercise and diet?

Suzanne Somers: Hormones make me feel young and energized. I’m not trying to be young. I am happy with my age. I just feel young, have young energy. And my wisdom has begun to pour which is something no young person can buy or have and that wisdom gives me a distinct advantage in my life dealings and work.

I love aging. I’ll say it again…I never thought it was going to be so good and I owe it all to my healthy lifestyle and diet and my bioidentical hormones!

8. I am in menopause and have read all of your books. I am finally ready to take the next step. What do you recommend?

Suzanne Somers: Go to They can connect you to a qualified doctor, like Dr. Sinda, nearest you. All doctors in this network have been vetted to specialize in Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) and it all depends on who you are more comfortable with and more practically, who is closer to where you live.

9. Is there anything women over 50 can do for crepy skin, to keep skin looking young and smooth; especially forearms and decollate area?

Suzanne Somers: Try the FACEMASTER to exercise the muscles in your face to keep them from sagging. I’ve been using it for 20 years and it helps defy gravity in a very natural way.

10. What are the most important steps you can take at the onset of perimenopause to combat the middle weight gain so often associated with this stage in life?

Suzanne Somers: Get on BHRT! It’s the most important element in weight control. Then give up processed food because all those toxins are stored in the fat and if you keep adding toxins they need more room to be stored and you will keep gaining weight. Go organic as much as possible and get your hormones balanced with BHRT. And you can read Sexy Forever if you need more advice. Best of luck!

11. I am in peri-menopause and Dr. Sinda at Innovative Directions in Health is assisting me in getting my progesterone balanced. My hot flashes and night sweats have disappeared. Do you know how long approximately it takes for extra weight gained over the past couple of years to take a hike? Also, do you regulate your thyroid with supplements?

Suzanne Somers: Once your hormones are balanced, if you are following a good eating program and exercising you should be able to lose weight without obstacles. Go organic! Eat clean, unprocessed foods like protein, good fats, and vegetables. Make sure your doc at Innovative Directions in Health checks your thyroid levels. Also key to helping you lose the weight.

12. What skin care item can you not leave home without?

Suzanne Somers: SUZANNE Organics Ageless Serum will turn back the clock! It’s made with organic sea algae and African Birch and really targets lines and wrinkles and rehydrates the skin to plump and firm. I use it twice a day EVERYDAY!!

13. Should doctors that prescribe progesterone regularly test your blood levels or is it less scientific and based upon how you’re feeling?

Suzanne Somers: Regular blood tests are recommended to monitor your actual levels, but some doctors will also work by having you describe symptoms. Communication with your doctor is key to finding that sweet spot! It may take a little time, but it’s worth it!

14. I’m over 55 and work out a ton with weights and cardio etc., eat organic primal diet, take bioidentical hormones, always was in shape and very athletic but can’t seem to lose last bit of abdominal fat – I feel great and young but that part is driving me crazy. 

Suzanne Somers: We all have our trouble spots, right? Or are you just being really hard on yourself? Sounds like you are doing everything right. It wouldn’t hurt to have your thyroid checked. And make sure you are getting enough good fats! I eat a couple of tablespoons of organic coconut oil every day.

15. I am looking for more information and would be interested in meeting with Dr. Sinda.

Suzanne Somers: Please contact the office and schedule a consultation. This is your chance to meet Dr. Sinda and ask all of your questions about BioIdentical Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Innovative Directions in Health: We want to thank everyone for participating in the conversation! A big thank you goes out to Suzanne Somers for sharing her wisdom with us. THANK YOU!

Suzanne Somers: Thank you ALL!!!! I always love to chat with like-minded people. Wishing you all happiness and health! Have a great day!!!