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Low Libido-Low Sex Drive

What is a Low Sex Drive/Low Libido, and what causes it?

Low sex drive/low libido is an extremely common problem that affects most people at some stage in their lives, both women and men. It’s a normal part of aging, and is usually caused by a reduction in hormone levels for both men and women. The goods news is, you really don’t have to live with it … there are natural solutions to the problem.

Low libido in Women—the culprits are progesterone, estrogen and testosterone

Hormonal imbalances which occur during menopause, perimenopause and PMS, commonly result in decreased sexual drive. The main hormone culprits are progesterone, estrogen and testosterone.

  • In younger women (PMS),
    progesterone/estrogen imbalance can
    cause irritability, bloating, breast tender-
    ness, and headaches/migraines all of
    which tend to curb libido.
  • In menopausal women, estrogen
    deficiency causes vaginal dryness and
    pain with intercourse, while testosterone
    deficiency reduces libido, sensitivity and
    quality of orgasm. Other hormones, such
    as DHEA may also play a role in this.

However, there are other causes that are non-hormone related including: relationship issues, anxiety-fear, acute or chronic illness, medications, etc.

Low Libido in Men-culprit usually is testosterone

Loss of libido is a common symptom of Andropause and is most often related to decreased testosterone levels. Just as testosterone can cause erectile dysfunction in men, it also can be the main cause of a low sex drive. A man’s desire for sex starts with the release of testosterone which reacts and stimulates receptors in the brain to release nitric oxide. Nitric oxide relaxes the muscles of the penis, and allows blood to flow for an erection.

The reduction of testosterone levels as a man ages results in a reduced level of hormones available to stimulate the brain and induce sexual desire, and can cause erectile disfunction., without adequate testosterone, low sex drive in men is common.

Other causes of low libido in men

There are many lifestyle issues that can reduce a man’s desire for sex, including lack of proper nutrition, fitness levels, smoking and alcohol use. Regular exercise and eating a healthy diet contribute to better blood flow, and in turn increase sexual drive and performance. Also, high levels of the hormone estrogen can have an effect on your libido as well.

Of course relationship issues can be a strong factor as well, and having a good relationship with your spouse or partner is also an important part of the puzzle.

Treatment for a low libido

Our treatments involve the use of natural bio-identical hormone therapy given by the most natural routes and with strict monitoring. We avoid using artificial hormones (prescription drugs) which may relieve hot flashes but are known to increase risk of: heart attack, stroke and breast cancer.

Once existing hormone levels in your blood are measured and deficiencies are identified, treatment begins to replenish and balance your hormones. Our treatment protocols, backed by scientific research, have been designed to avoid risks while relieving symptoms and providing renewed vigor and vitality.

Symptoms from menopause, perimenopause, PMS and Andropause are relieved with restoration of your natural hormone balance. Most patients notice significantly improved libido after that balance is restored. Schedule your consultation today and learn more about how bio-identical hormone therapy can help you.

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“My energy level increased. I became less irritable and cranky. I was finally able to sleep through the night. Yes, I started to think about sex! Finally, I had the desire, intent, and even the energy to follow through. I finally feel as though I have the ‘zest’ that I once had years ago…I’m back!!!” – Marie K., 43

“I had just read Suzanne Somers’ book, “Breakthrough” and was impressed that Dr. Mahmud had so impressed Suzanne Somers. Having just turned 50, I was experiencing some age-related symptoms – the most frustrating was the inability to get a normal nights’ sleep. Also, my parents both died too young. I didn’t want to be on the same path so I decided to make my health a priority. The combination of Dr. Mahmud’s credentials, his ability to listen and his approach left me not feeling pressured but feeling safe in his care. The initial blood tests revealed several imbalances in hormones and other deficiencies.”

After a year, I am more than impressed. I am sleeping again, my moods are level and positive, and that nagging 10 pounds is gone for good! My libido is back and my formerly foggy mind frequently wanders to thoughts of getting my husband in bed! After reading Dr. Mahmud’s book, “Keeping aBreast”, the light bulb finally stayed lit. This book explains how to help prevent many age-related illnesses for both men and women. This is the best money I have ever spent and it continues to reap dividends each and every day (and nights).” – Claudia, 51

“Everything has improved: hot flashes, night sweats, sleep pattern, libido, sensations, aches and pains.”
– Clare B., 54

“I feel great again! I weigh 180lbs, my energy is high, and my libido is terrific. If you want to shed fifteen years in fifteen months, call Dr. Mahmud, you won’t regret it.” – James S., 47