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Hot Flashes

What are Hot Flashes and what causes them?


Are hot flashes driving you crazy?

Hot flashes are the most common symptom of menopause. They result from a deficiency of hormones, particularly estrogen, affecting the nervous system. Since the ovaries are producing less estrogen, the hypothalamus (a gland in your brain that operates the body’s temperature regulation system) senses and responds to the lower estrogen levels by rapidly changing body temperature.

The intense rush of heat is often accompanied by a red flushed face and sweating. They usually affect the face, neck and chest, but may be felt all over the body and can last up to several minutes. Some women perspire or break out in a sweat and often there is a chill or clammy feeling that follows. When hot flashes occur during sleep they are usually accompanied by night sweats and are a major cause of sleep disruption/insomnia.

Treatment for hot flashes and other symptoms

Our treatments involve the use of natural bio-identical hormone therapy given by the most natural routes and with strict monitoring. We avoid using artificial hormones (prescription drugs) which may relieve hot flashes but are known to increase risk of: heart attack, stroke and breast cancer.

Once existing hormone levels in your blood are measured and deficiencies are identified, treatment begins to replenish and balance your hormones. Our treatment protocols, backed by scientific research, have been designed to avoid risks while relieving symptoms and providing renewed vigor and vitality.

Symptoms from menopause and perimenopause are relieved quickly and hot flashes become a thing of the past. Schedule a consultation and learn more about how bio-identical hormone therapy can help you.


“Everything has improved: hot flashes, night sweats, sleep pattern, libido, sensations, aches and pains.”
– Clare B, age 54

I started coming when my doctors in Fargo were not able to help me with my hot flashes, no energy and in general not feeling well. I was tired of hearing that this was normal for my age! I totally believe in the bio-identical hormones, vitamins and supplements. You can feel so much better than just for your age!”
– Shaw

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