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Brain Fog

What is Brain Fog?

Brain Fog is a very common symptom of menopause. Among our menopausal patients almost all complain of having some degree of “brain fog” or in other words, mental confusion, inability to focus, memory lapses, etc.

What are the causes of brain fog?

In general, brain fog may have many causes including toxins, drugs, diet, etc., but it is frequently experienced while hormones are fluctuating during menopause and perimenopause.

Low estrogen, an important hormone for the brain, is primarily responsible. However, progesterone deficiency adds to insomnia, which also contributes to brain fog. Other hormones that decline during menopause such as DHEA and Testosterone may also add to forgetfulness and cloudy thinking.

Some women also have thyroid hormone dysfunction such as hypothyroidism, which can also affect mental clarity and should be addressed and treated. Depression and anxiety are often linked to brain fog.
Bio-Identical Hormones can help you regain your mental clarity!

Treatment for brain fog

Our treatments involve the use of natural bio-identical hormone replacement therapy given by the most natural routes and with strict monitoring. Our board-certified physicians monitor your progress, and take a natural, cautious and gentle approach to your helath.

No artificial or synthetic hormones

We avoid using artificial hormones (prescription drugs) which may relieve brain fog but are known to increase risk of: heart attack, stroke and breast cancer.

Once existing hormone levels in your blood are measured and deficiencies are identified, treatment begins to replenish and balance your hormones. Our treatment protocols, backed by scientific research, have been designed to avoid risks while relieving symptoms and providing renewed vigor and vitality.

Symptoms from menopause and perimenopause are relieved quickly and brain fog clears in more than 90% of our patients. Schedule your consultation today and learn more about how bio-identical hormone therapy can help you.

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“I am a new person…100% better, after suffering with menopause for so many years. I am not depressed anymore.” – Roseann L., 53

“I had my ovaries and uterus removed at age 28. I am 52 years old now. Ever since my surgery, I have gained weight, felt so lethargic and foggy headed, my hair kept falling out in handfuls, my hands and feet were always cold, and I had no libido… in other words, I was feeling miserable and helpless. For the last 24 years I have been going to physicians to see if they could alleviate my symptoms but no one was ever willing to put forth the effort. Dr. Mahmud was my last try. Thank goodness I called and made an appointment!!! I am feeling like a whole new person, the person I want to be. All of my symptoms have gone away… I mean all my symptoms. I am losing weight and feeling great!!!” – Mary S., 52