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What is Bloating and what causes it?

Bloating is one of the most common symptoms noticed in women who have PMS. It is a feeling of fullness or swelling in the abdominal region. Bloating can be very uncomfortable and can add pounds of water weight making clothes feel tighter and more restricting. It occurs mainly due to hormonal imbalance (between estrogen and progesterone) which develops during the last half of the menstrual cycle.

Bloating in PMS is often associated with irritability and breast tenderness. If these symptoms are absent one should look for other causes for bloating.


Our treatments involve the use of natural bio-identical hormone therapy (usually progesterone) given by the most natural routes and with strict monitoring. We avoid using artificial hormones (prescription drugs, including birth control) which may relieve bloating and other PMS symptoms but are known to increase the risk of heart attack, stroke and breast cancer.

Once existing hormone levels in your blood are measured and deficiencies are identified, treatment begins to replenish and balance your hormones. Our treatment protocols, backed by scientific research, have been designed to avoid risks while relieving symptoms and providing renewed vigor and vitality. Symptoms from PMS are relieved quickly and there is significant improvement in quality of life.

We also incorporate weight loss strategies when necessary and include additional breast cancer prevention measures (see Dr. Mahmud’s book, Keeping aBreast: Ways to stop breast cancer), because we feel strongly that they should be an essential part of managing PMS.

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“Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy has been a gift for me. I do not have the bloating feeling or the unwanted anxiety. My mood is much more stable and my sleep dramatically improved. I truly believe in Innovative Directions in Health’s anti-aging treatments and approach to staying healthy.” – Deb B.