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Eye Rejuvenation

Revitalize the appearance
around your eyes!

Natural consequences of aging can make us look and
feel older than we would like. Thinning skin, sun damage
and facial expressions take their toll on the delicate eye
area resulting in common cosmetic problems which can
be experienced at any age. Rejuvenating the area around
your eyes brightens and refreshes a more youthful
appearance for your entire face.

Benefits of Eye Rejuvenation

  • Restores your skin’s natural volume and
    fullness for facial contouring
  • Diminishes dark under eye circles, bags
    and puffiness
  • Reduces the appearence of fine lines and
    wrinkles aronud the eyes (crow’s feet)
  • Restores suppleness and vitality of thin,
    delicate skin
  • Stimulates longer, darker, fuller eyelashes
  • Results in a bright-eyed, rested look

In order to revitalize your eyes and achieve optimal results you must identify and target the problems with a specific technique or combination of techniques. A treatment plan is customized to each patient’s own needs and may include:

Botox/Dysport, anti-wrinkle injections used to gently erase or soften crow’s feet or laughter lines

IPL Wrinkle Light, stimulates elasticity and collagen minimizng fine lines and wrinkles and produces a firming effect in loose skin. Also helps to temporarily absorb under-eye fluid to reduce puffiness and treats dark circles in people with an excess of small capillaries and blood vessels.
(Large veins cannot be treated)

Latisse, an eyelash growth stimulation treatment used to promote thicker, longer, stronger lashes

Dermal Fillers, when appropriate restores lost volume or hollows below the eyes

Medical Grade Eye Creams, such as: ELASTIderm, Teamine and IS Clinical’s Youth Eye Complex, target the delicate area around the eye to strengthen the tissue, increase collagen and elastin, reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and puffiness and brighten under eye circles.

Eye Rejuvenation treatments are quick, in-office treatments for both men and women that requires little to no downtime. can be administered separately or in combination to enhance their effectiveness and to achieve an overall youthful, vibrant look. Our highly experienced staff will work with you to meet your cosmetic goals. Defy the signs of aging by rejuvenating and brightening your beautiful eyes today, call for a consultation.


“I use Teamine Eye cream in the morning and at night. The dark circles under my eyes have not only faded but my eyes appear brighter and more awake.” – D.L.

“ElastiDERM Eye Cream and Latisse have completely rejuvenated my eyes. My fine lines (crow’s feet) are much less and I love to bat my long lashes to attract attention to my youthful look.” – V.M.

“I heard about Innovative Directions in Health when Dr. Mahmud was featured on Channel 11. The results that I experienced were more than I could have hoped for. My skin tone is noticeably improved. I was able to eliminate freckles and brown spots which occurred from sun damage and age. Wrinkles around my eyes and mouth have been minimized. With the visible results I had, I was anxious to investigate the Internal Anti-Aging program. This process provided me with ways I could improve the inner me, allowing me to increase my energy level, eat healthier and feel better overall. The results are visible and the entire process gratifying. I highly recommend Innovative Directions in Health.” – Sue T, 45