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“Keeping aBreast, Ways to Prevent Breast Cancer”


By Khalid Mahmud M.D.

keeping abreast coverBreast cancer will strike one out of every 8 women. It is the disease women dread the most. It can disfigure, mutilate and scar womanhood; and its therapy can impair quality of life. Yet there is no concentrated medical effort to prevent it. Most physicians focus is on early detection. They simply do not counsel their patients on breast cancer prevention.

This book provides clear strategies to reduce the risk of breast cancer – strategies that are not only based on the author’s experience as an oncologist, but also on an extensive review of the scientific literature. These strategies consist of simple and natural measures. Things to take and things to do, with little or no use of pharmaceuticals. This is a book for all women.


Khalid Mahmud, MD, FACP, is quadruple board certified in Oncology, Hematology, Internal Medicine and Anti-Aging Medicine. Formally he was chief of medicine and medical director of Oncology at a major hospital. His current focus is on creating quality of life and preventing diseases of aging for which he has received national recognition. He practices in Minneapolis.

Suzanne Somers interviewed Dr. Mahmud as one of her Cutting Edge Physicians in her book, “Breakthrough”, Eight Steps to Wellness.

Read Dr. Mahmud’s interview in Chapter 22 in “Breakthrough.”


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