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"My skin looks fantastic!  Seriously if you look at before and after photographs, you can see a huge improvement in the skin (especially skin tone) on my face.  My complexion/skin tone is now very even and I swear my skin has a glow to it.  I like the results so much that I will definitely proceed with similar procedures on my neck and chest area (there is a drastic difference between my face and these areas, after a mere 3 IPLs on my face).  I truly love the way my face looks and feel that I look years younger." - M.L.

“I’m just over half way through a series of the Foto-Facial and have really noticed a difference in the sun damage on my face and décolleté. I thought I’d have those age spots forever, but now I have a fresh start (pass the sunscreen, please!).” – Joan B., 48

“My benefits of doing the Foto Facial are many. My skin had been damaged by the sun, poor dietary habits, and basic aging. I had hyper-pigmentation, broken blood vessels around my nose, and fine lines around my eyes and mouth. After 1 treatment I had already started seeing the results. I have now done five treatments and I no longer have hyper-pigmentation, the blood vessels are barely noticeable, and the fine lines around my eyes and mouth have improved by 80%. Best of all, I constantly get remarks on how good my skin looks. This treatment is the best for looking your best.” – Kathi M., 41