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Facial LipoSculpture

A non-surgical technique to reduce fat
deposits on the face and neck

Facial LipoSculpture is a highly effective, non-surgical
technique pioneered by our Director, Dr. Mahmud to
reduce fat deposits on the face and neck and restore a
youthful appearance with little or no down-time.

How is LipoSculpture administered?
This non-invasive procedure is performed in the clinic
without anesthesia in under an hour. It involves a series of
micro-injections that removes unwanted fat cells to
decrease localized fat deposits.

In our experience, our patients are quite satisfied their results when given 1-2 treatments.
Facial LipoSculpture can…

  • Minimize jowls (fat deposits overlying the jaw bone) to create a more defined jaw line
  • Minimize a “double chin” or sagging fat around the neck
  • Enhance cheek bone prominence & reduce the appearance of “sunken eyes” by reducing excess cheek fat
  • Reduce skin folds on the sides of nose and mouth
  • Tighten facial skin
  • Sculpt and reduce other areas of fat accumulation
  • For sculpting other areas of the body see LipoDissolve

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liposculpture video

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“I was a little leery of having any type of injections done to my face, but now after doing it I am extremely happy. My eyes are brighter and my smile looks younger. Everyone thinks I look 20 years younger. Thank you Dr. Mahmud!!” – L.B.

“LipoSculpture at Innovative Directions In Health was my 65th birthday present to myself. Because I seldom spend time in the sun, I did not have the wrinkles many people in their 60s have but the sagging jowls gave away my age. Every time I looked in the mirror that was all I could see. Now I feel younger and look younger. Most people who do not know me guess me at about 10 and even 15 years younger than I am. I love the results. At about 1/10th the cost and at least 1/10th the healing time, I am thrilled to look in the mirror now. Thank you so much.” – D.M.

“I had LipoSculpture to my chin and jowls at Innovative Directions In Health. In 8 weeks it eliminated my growing double chin and amazingly rediscovered my jaw line. It was a relatively painless procedure that gave me a boost of self confidence in my appearance. Being in the sales industry, my improved look gave me the extra self assurance I needed to just ‘go for it’! The results much outweigh the minimal downtime and cost of the procedure. Thank you Dr. Mahmud!” – B.B.

“One of the nice surprises is that I could fee my neck again. I see a lot more definition in my face and get a lot of compliments, A LOT of comments from people.” – C.M.