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What happens at a Consultation?



What to Expect at a Consultation


During your initial consultation at our clinic, you will sit down with Dr. Sinda and talk candidly one on one about your symptoms, health risks and concerns.

A consultation allows Dr. Sinda to learn about you and where you are at in your life and health. He will ask you detailed questions about your health history and about the symptoms you may be experiencing. This information is necessary to be able to customize a program designed to address all of your needs.

Your consultation is also a chance to get all of your questions answered about Bioidentical Hormones and Preventive medicine and to express any concerns you may have. This is the first step towards a happy, healthy, new you. You don’t have to live with the symptoms that go along with Menopause, Perimenopause, PMS or Andropause; i.e. low energy, irritability, hot flashes and night sweats, weight gain, brain fog, insomnia, PMS, muscle loss, etc.

A consultation lasts about a half hour. Many patients are eager to get started while they are here. Our lab is located right in our clinic so depending upon the testing (fasting or non-fasting) and timing of your symptoms we are able to get your lab work done on the same day.

It is helpful to bring with you a list of prescriptions, supplements, or vitamins you are taking and their doses, recent lab work and your list of questions so you are sure to get all the answers you are looking for.

If you would like to learn more or scheduling a consultation, simply fill out this form and we will get in touch with you.