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"Jaw-WOW" Redefining the Jawline

A contoured jawline can make a huge difference in regaining a youthful appearance. Dermal fillers can help achieve this look without the pulled tight look of surgery.

Last month, Lisa and I traveled to Dallas to attend the Bellafill Summit for Success and then to Santa Rosa, FL for another advanced training. During the educational event we were extended an invitation to attend live Bellafill Injection demonstration instructed by a top plastic surgeon in Texas and top Aesthetic Medicine physician from Arizona.  

One take-away (among many) from the demonstrations was that facial contours should be analyzed from many different angles. What is important to note and makes us appear more youthful looking is a nice, even jawline. Loss of bone and gravity can make for an uneven, saggy looking un-contoured jawline. Try having someone take a picture of your profile - a view we don't normally see of ourselves.

By placing a thin line of collagen (Bellafill) along the jawline I can even out the jowly area and make it appear smoother. I also add collagen to the area right in front of the ear. By doing this the lower part of the face is pulled back subtly providing lift. This is a technique I am calling "Jaw- WOW"! There is a "Wow" factor when a defined side jaw profile is restored. Come see me for a consult and we can talk about how a strong jaw line (if needed) can make you appear more youthful and all of the other great tid-bits I took away from the Top Docs I spoke to.

Stay tuned next month for our announcement of a new service coming to IDH for Skin TIGHTENING!

Jill, RN @ IDH

Published on: 12-07-2017