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DefenAge Lunch & Learn

DefenAge - a Retinol Alternative´╗┐

Wednesday, October 24th
12 - 1pm
RSVP (952)922-2345 or
Click Here
Lunch Provided!  Everyone who submits a RSVP will receive a sample of DefenAge!

Why DefenAge? Our skin can be reprogrammed to get younger every day. The secret is a tiny molecule, called defensin, that naturally wakes up dormant stem cells to create new, healthy skin and turn back the clock naturally. DefenAge is a mega-powerful 3-step regimen backed by science and technology that addresses visible signs of aging. 

It is unique because it is created with Age-Repair Defensins, a patent-pending ingredient that has been named “one of the biggest breakthroughs in skin care.” Standout results can be achieved in 6 weeks.

Published on: 09-20-2018