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Special Pricing on Bellafill - Week long Event

It’s BELLAFILL week at Innovative Directions in Health! 
Monday, April 23 – Thursday April 26 | 8:30 – 4pm | By appointment only

Learn about this amazing 5-year filler. Stop in for a FREE Consultation & receive this Year’s Best Special Pricing! 
Bellafill is the ONLY dermal filler that stimulates collagen growth long term to help maintain your youthful appearance. Get a free consultation on the longest-lasting dermal filler during our 4-day event. Meet with MN’s Bellafill Expert, Jill Porter, RN and find out if it’s right for you.


** 2018 Best Pricing on Bellafill **
** Enter to WIN BOTOX ($270 value) **
** Enjoy Appetizers & Beverages **
** Receive a Cosmetic Rewards Card w/Bellafill purchase and SAVE over $2,000 on cosmetic treatments & products throughout the year! **

“The transformations of my clients who have received Bellafill have been truly amazing. I ask each of my patients to come in for quick check-in appointments so we are able to both monitor the progress of collagen growth that has been stimulated by Bellafill and provide the best possible outcome and experience. It has been thrilling to watch as results have been outstanding! 

Some of the changes I notice in my clients appearance and complexion are:

  • Natural facial volume has been restored. As we age, we lose our 3 dimensional look as our face becomes more flat. With Bellafill, dimension is naturally restored and not over-done.
  • Skin tone and texture! New collagen has firmed skin tone, decreased pore size and evened out skin tone in areas where Bellafill is placed.
  • Acne scars have been lifted and skin has been smoothed. The scars are no longer anchored and volume below the scars lift. The smoother skin acne patients have dreamed of is now a reality. 
  • Under eye area has smoothed, dark circles are minimized and the crepe under eye appearance has tightened with new collagen and elastin. 
  • Wrinkles and lines on the body have even been improved. I’ve been able to help patients regain a younger looking cleavage, diminished vertical lip lines, smoothed necklace lines on the neck, and improved dimpling and even cellulite. 

I have noticed incredible youthful changes and invite you to come in and see for yourself. Special pricing is available week of the event only!" - Jill


Consultations are by appointment only, so grab your friends (male and female) and make your appointment today.

RSVP (952)922-2345 
Make your appointment!

Published on: 03-21-2018