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Bellafill® – The longest lasting collagen infused filler

Bellafill ® is a unique filler that grows your own collagen and regenerates your skin from the inside out. It naturally creates volume in your dermis and provides results for up to 5 years. The new collagen changes skin to thinking it ’s younger and improves circulation and over all skin-tone: texture, firmness, pores, wrinkles and volume. Over time, results continue to improve as your own collagen growth is being stimulated.

Bellafill ’s new layer of collagen provides smooth and natural results for difficult areas such as: Under the eyes, Vertical lip lines, Acne scarring and Scars.

Our Nurse / Injection Expert, Jill Porter is one of the top Bellafill Injectors across the Nation. She has achieved the elite status of becoming a Bellafill Bella Diamond Injector and trains physicians and injectors on the best placement of Bellafill to help avoid complications and achieve optimal results. Jill has the experience to deliver beautiful, natural and long lasting results.



"I visited Jill Porter at IDH for a "refresh" to my face. I was so impressed with the results! Thanks for helping me love my face again. My husband was thrilled as well. I'd recommend it highly for any woman over 50 (or 60,70!) who feels she needs a boost to her self-esteem without major surgery."  L.E.

"Jill is an amazing nurse who injects to meet your needs and enhance your own beauty.  I will continue to go to her!" - Pamela N.

"Jill, I just want you to know that I’m so delighted with the results of the Bellafill!  It certainly has taken years off my face and restored the volume that give me a more youthful appearance!  Don’t ever retire because I wouldn’t trust my face to anyone else!!" - Marlene M.

“LOVE the BELLAFILL! I have tried other fillers, which have given me good results, however, the Bellafill makes so much more sense. It is COLLAGEN, that’s the building block of our structure. Knowing it will build more collagen and last 5 years is a real breakthrough. Jill is an amazing nurse who injects to meet your needs and enhance your own beauty. I will continue to go to her!” – Pamela N.