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RN, Cosmetic Injector

Sarah Sankey

Sarah graduated from St. Kate's with a Registered Nurse(RN)/ Bachelor of science degree in 2004. She graduated from Walden University with her Master's degree in 2015 and is now a Family Nurse Practioner(NP).  Sarah currently works part-time as an RN and Injector at Innovative Directions in Health and works as a NP full-time at a different location focusing on primary and urgent care.  

She has served in many different medical settings; hospital, clinical, behavioral health, plastic surgery, and administrative, bringing many areas of practical nursing to her experience.  Sarah is passionate about helping patients safely and effectively enhance their quality of life by achieving their anti-aging goals and regain balance and sense of self with bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. In addition, she is a highly trained Injector for Botox, Dysport and Dermal Fillers.  

Sarah is dedicated to a healthy lfestyle and loves to teach others about wellness and ways to live healthier.  In her free time she enjoys running workingout, reading, cooking vegan recipes and spending quality time with her daughter Tavanya.